about us


Vember Conner is the Founder of Cāru, an organic, high-performance luxury skincare line crafted in Ayurvedic mind-body tradition. Cāru offers aromatic blends based on an individual’s biological blueprint, or dosha. Each dosha—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—are derived from the five elements, known as mind-body types. These doshas express unique blends of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Cāru aligns beauty from the inside out, giving patrons an envious youthful glow, and a poised mental state. Each product is formulated to deliver real, visible results without a single drop of synthetic chemicals.

Vember is a sought-after speaker on how to incorporate Ayurvedic wellness into our fast-paced lives with engagements at The Soho House, The Ludlow House, Hub Seventeen and Holisticsm. She previously worked 1:1 with clients to promote good health, rather than fight disease.

Vember studied, formulated with, and is certified under world-renowned Ayurveda Physician, Vaidya (Dr.) Naina Marballi (Ayurvedacharya). She studied aromatherapy with David Crow, L.Ac and Jade Shutes, B.A., Dipl. AT. and partnered with Amy Galper B.A., M.A., co-founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies to create signature scents aligned to Ayurvedic balance.