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  • How To Perform Ayurvedic Massage Of Facial Marma Points

    When we think of massage, we typically picture a person lying on the bed with another massaging the back or neck. A gentle massage of these body parts can definitely soothe the muscles, reduce stiffness, and provide relief from body aches. However, Ayurveda specifically recommends massage focuse...
  • Pranayama - Ayurvedic Breathing Exercises For Vata, Pitta, And Kapha Dosha

    Pranayama, more commonly understood as a breathing exercise, is much more than being just a breathing exercise. I would rather call it conscious breathing! Because breathing is basically an involuntary process that occurs day and night even while we are sleeping. What makes pranayama unique is t...
  • Vata Season: Energized & Grounded This Autumn.

    As we leave the warm summer season of Pitta behind and enter into Vata season, it’s important to pay attention to what we are putting on our skin (and into our bodies) for balance.  Vata season, which is the cooler Autumnal season before winter, is characterized by light, dry, and cold properties. When balanced, we settle into our slower rhythms of nesting season and crave warmth, coziness, and less active forms of creativity and experiences.