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  • Easy Steps To Include Face Oil In Your Makeup Routine

    Are you new to facial oils? While applying makeup, you have to be careful about using each product the right way. All products have different properties, like thickness, viscosity, and molecular structure, and you should consider these while applying makeup. For example, you must refrain from usi...
  • How To Perform Ayurvedic Massage Of Facial Marma Points

    When we think of massage, we typically picture a person lying on the bed with another massaging the back or neck. A gentle massage of these body parts can definitely soothe the muscles, reduce stiffness, and provide relief from body aches. However, Ayurveda specifically recommends massage focuse...
  • Pranayama - Ayurvedic Breathing Exercises For Vata, Pitta, And Kapha Dosha

    Pranayama, more commonly understood as a breathing exercise, is much more than being just a breathing exercise. I would rather call it conscious breathing! Because breathing is basically an involuntary process that occurs day and night even while we are sleeping. What makes pranayama unique is t...
  • Ayurvedic Face Serums: Beauty, Inside & Out.

    In Ayurveda, beauty is defined as the dynamic state of balance between mind, body, and environment. Cāru’s focus is on harmonizing these states in order to achieve glowing skin and mental clarity with our three signature face serums. Internal wellbeing radiates outward to promote physical beauty and is the foundation in the expression of your individual