Vata Season: Energized & Grounded This Autumn.

As we leave the warm summer season of pitta behind and enter into vata season, it’s important to pay attention to what we are putting on our skin (and into our bodies) to stay balanced as we transition. Vata season, which is the cooler Autumnal season before winter, is characterized by light, dry, and cold properties. When balanced, we settle into our slower rhythms of nesting season and crave warmth, coziness, and less active forms of creativity and experiences. 

While not everyone has vata in their constitution, it is possible for anyone to have a vata imbalance. One of the main concepts in Ayurveda is that like increases like. As we enter this light, dry season, we opt for heavier and hydrating rituals like enjoying warming soups and roasting vegetables as well as sea salt baths and oil massages to stay grounded. In skincare, we focus on prevention of dehydrated skin and fine lines. Multi-purpose skincare with less commitment is ideal to ensure you are creating space in your wellness routine for rest. Think easy to use, dreamy blends, with slightly grounding and hydrating properties.  

All of our face serums work well for anytime of year, however, if you are predominantly Vata dosha, here are some highlights specific to you for your season:

Vata (Space & Air)

Vata Personality: Vata personalities embody the elements of space and air, and like air, they are always on the go, prefer adventure to routine, and are often quite intuitive. This delicate individual finds it hard to stay warm and grounded.

When out of balance, Vata may feel fatigued, spacey, sensitive and ungrounded, or they may worry too much. At their best, Vatas are bold artisans - friendly, open-minded and in constant motion.

Skin type: Thin, dry, cool skin with smaller pores. Their goal is often to improve dehydration and fine lines to work against premature aging. This skin type needs nurturing and protection on account of its delicate nature. Vata skin is the most at risk for the early signs of aging due to their dry skin that tends to dehydrate. Cool to touch and often thin, this type of skin can be worse for wear in times of stress. Vatas require a warm, grounding oil with deep hydration that immediately penetrates and then seals skin with a protective barrier to restore skin’s radiance.  

Looking to incorporate a Vata balancing ritual into your skincare routine? Check out our Vata Face Serum.  

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