How To Perform Ayurvedic Massage Of Facial Marma Points

Traditional massage typically involves a person lying on the bed with another massaging the back or neck. While gentle massage of these body parts can soothe the muscles, reduce stiffness, and provide relief from body aches, Ayurveda specifically recommends massage focused on stimulating the Marma points in the face. This Ayurvedic massage is believed to provide widely superior benefits than the muscle-focused massage that we are familiar with.

What are facial Marma points?

Marma points are the specific points on different parts of the body, the stimulation of which can activate the energy channels in different organs and systems.

Marma massage is based on the stimulation of 107 points on the skin that are considered the access channels to your mind, body, and soul.

Marma therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that focuses on massaging these points to manipulate prana (subtle energy) within the organs for the purposes of activating and supporting the healing processes.

The knowledge of specific marma points allows the Ayurvedic practitioner to influence and regulate the flow of prana through the gross as well as subtle bodies. This would help to restore the optimum health and functioning of these organs and enhance mental health while bringing about the unification of mind, body, and soul.

Ayurvedic massage of facial marma points

Like I said earlier, when we think of massage, we visualize one person giving massage to another. But, massage of facial marma points can be performed on self. It is a form of Abhyanga or self-massage that involves stimulating the specific marma points on the face.

This means you can derive the health benefits of Ayurvedic massage by performing it at home at any time without the need to visit a practitioner.

How does facial massage help?

  • Facial massage helps to tighten the facial muscles, reduces mental stress, and eliminates toxic waste by improving the drainage by the lymphatic massage of lymph channels.
  • Regular Ayurvedic massage on facial marma points would restore the balance in your body, as it nourishes and brightens the skin, opens up the blocked channels in your mind, and enhances your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Ayurvedic facial would also reduce dark circles under the eyes, de-puff your face, and improve skin tone and complexion.
  • Facial massage can cleanse your face and rejuvenate your skin by supporting faster removal of chemicals, harmful free radicals, germs, dirt, pollutants, and all other toxins from deeper tissues. This would improve your energy levels and help you feel fresh and energetic.

Now that we have learned the benefits of Ayurvedic massage on facial marma points, let us move on to the most vital information.

Read on to learn where exactly the facial marma points are located and how to stimulate them through self-massage.

Where are the facial marma points located?

There are 10 marma points on the face as given below:

  1. Temples
  2. The junction between the nose and eyebrows on the lower, inner part of the ridge of the eyebrow
  3. Third eye
  4. The outer corners of the nose
  5. Between the nose and upper lip
  6. The corners of the mouth
  7. Centre of the chin
  8. Centre of cheekbones
  9. Lower eyelids, just above your cheekbones
  10. Crown of the head

How to perform Ayurvedic massage on marma points?

You may use any essential oil of your choice for an Ayurvedic massage. Most ayurvedic physicians recommend using coconut oil, passionflower oil, or lavender oil for facial massage to soothe the mind and relax the facial muscles.

Here is a step-by-step method to perform Ayurvedic massage on facial marma points:

  1. Start with the neck and lightly massage upwards from the collarbone to the chin using both palms.
  2. Gently move to the chin while placing the index finger of your right hand at the cleft just above your chin. Place your middle finger below the chin. Now, gently move the fingers upward from the jawline towards the right ear.
  3. Repeat the same on the left side using your left hand.
  4. Now, massage the marma points on the cheeks using the index fingers. Gently massage from the chin to the nose along the smile lines and then, massage both the cheeks upwards from the edge of the mouth to the temples using your palms.
  5. Place the ring finger just beneath the eyebrow on each side where it meets the bridge of the nose and glide it outwards using a light touch. Follow the eye socket beneath and around each eye slowly coming back to the starting point.
  6. Now massage the third eye using the middle and index fingers starting from the side of each nostril. Massage up along the length of the nose as you continue to the middle part of the forehead. This site is called the ‘third eye’ or the 6th chakra.
  7. Now, massage the forehead by placing your hands on the crown of the head and moving back and forth gently but rapidly.
  8. Now, using the ring and middle fingers of one hand, massage upward from the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows towards the hairline
  9. Sweep the fingers of your right hand from left to right along the forehead, and then, sweep the fingers of your left hand from right to left along the forehead.
  10. Finish by massaging all the marma points using the middle fingers of both hands.

The takeaway

Ayurvedic facial focused on ‘marma points’ can stimulate the body’s energy points, and revitalize all tissues of the body.

It would take not more than 5 minutes to carry out the facial massage. After the massage, you can simply lie down and enjoy the experience as you feel each muscle in your body calming down and releasing all stress and tension.

Regular facial massage on marma points would restore the vibrant glow on your face and help you look younger and more attractive. It would also enhance your mental and physical health by re-connecting your mind, body, and soul.

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