Easy Steps To Include Face Oil In Your Makeup Routine

Are you new to facial oils?

While applying makeup, you have to be careful about using each product the right way. All products have different properties, like thickness, viscosity, and molecular structure, and you should consider these while applying makeup. For example, you must refrain from using a skin toner after applying the primer or a moisturizer. It will break down the molecules of the product and create a mess. Similarly, you shouldn’t apply the foundation before moisturizing, as it may damage the skin cells and create uneven patches. Likewise, you should use the face oils the right way to ensure maximum effect. 

What is face oil, and what are its benefits?

Our facial cells release natural oils and lipids that keep our skin hydrated at all times. The facial oils are products used on the skin to complement these natural oils and work to enhance glow and radiance. Beauty enthusiasts use these oils extensively today because they help make the skin look younger, prevent dry skin issues, and delay aging. They also offer an extra layer of protection to our skin and keep environmental pollutants at bay. 

Let’s imagine your skin cells as a loose bunch of mosaics put together to create a beautiful design on the wall. While the natural oils and lipids are the adhesives that keep these tiles together, the facial oil products are the sealants that offer additional protection to the wall. Most of the ingredients in the face oils are derived organically to minimize side effects. Hence, they can be an effective inclusion in your regular skincare and makeup routine. 

Let’s offer some help to achieve that goal. Scroll on to know the right steps to include facial oils in your makeup regime. 

Applying facial oil in general 

Step 1: Cleanse and exfoliate your skin

It should be the foremost step in your makeup routine. Every morning after taking a bath, you should scrub your face with an exfoliating cleanser to remove dead cells and impurities from your skin. Using an exfoliating cleanser will also help enhance skin tone and give you glowing skin afterward. It will also prevent skin infections that develop on using makeup for long hours. If you have acne problems, this is an effective makeup hack to reduce the side effects of applying makeup every day. 

Step 2: Moisturize your skin 

While many people argue that you shouldn’t apply the moisturizer before dabbing the face oil on your skin, it’s the right way to apply these oils. These oils are difficult to penetrate, and there’s no point in applying moisturizer after. It may make your skin look gooey and increase sweat for no reason. So dab your cleansed face with a dry towel and apply a less-viscous cream or lotion to rejuvenate your skin cells. 

Step 3: Apply the face oil 

Now is the right time to apply facial oil. Take 4-5 drops of oil on your palm, put a finger in it, and dab throughout your face in small dots. Then press both of your palms together and cover them with the remaining oil. Use your palms to apply the oil carefully on your face, jawline, and neck. Don’t press too hard, as you may remove the moisturizer on your skin. Use your fingers to smoothen the layer near your nose, eyebrows, and jawline. Don’t go overboard with the amount of the oil, as little is always enough. If you do it right, you will get flawless skin over time. The facial oil will form a protective barrier against environmental and climatic hazards as you step out. 

Applying face oil with makeup

Now, let’s turn to the ways you can get apply the oils with makeup without caking it up. 

Mix it with your primer

Before applying the makeup primer, you should take it on your palm and put a few drops of oil in it. Mix it well and apply the mixture carefully on your face and neck. The primer acts as a solid makeup base, and mixing the oil in it creates a radiant effect that enhances your beauty throughout the day. If you wish to get glass skin, this can help you achieve it non-abrasively. However, this is not the only way to apply facial oils. 

Apply it before using a foundation

The facial oils give a hydrated appearance to your skin that’s easy to notice. When you apply it before the foundation, it boosts your appearance and enhances the latter’s effect. Just dab a few drops on your face and smooth them with your fingers. Then apply a lightweight, less-viscous foundation that doesn’t create a thick layer on your skin. This will bind the oil to your face, and its radiance will be visible from the outside. 

Mix the oil with your foundation

It is one of the most effective and popular foundation hacks recommended by makeup experts all over. It prevents you from using too much foundation on your face, which leaves it with a cakey effect. Mix a few drops of facial oil with your foundation and apply the solution on your face. This will give you glowing skin and an almost natural look. 

Precautions to take while using face oils with makeup

  • Before applying the foundation, you should let the skin absorb the oil first
  • Wait for two to three minutes after applying face oils on your face
  • Don’t overuse oils on your face, as it may increase sweating and spoil your makeup
  • Don’t use too much foundation after applying the oil 

Wrapping it up

The facial oils are extensively used in the cold and dry seasons, as the skin tends to lose its luster then. By locking the moisture on your facial skin, these oils help make you beautiful in winter. Knowing the right ways of applying face oils can help you get flawless skin with time. As these oils improve the function of natural oils and lipids, the makeup won’t have much impact on your skin. However, you should refrain from using too much makeup and remove it positively after getting back home. And don’t forget to use an oil-based makeup remover. Cleanse your face afterward to remove any makeup residue on your skin. 

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