More Than Just a Pretty Face


  • I noticed an immediate glow and smaller pores after about a week of using my Cāru serum. It fits in well with my daily cleansing routine for an added boost of GLOW! I’ve never seen my skin react so beautifully to a product so quickly! Truly, upon first application, I literally gasped! As a licensed esthetician and skincare junkie, I’ve tried SO many products to refine my tone and texture, and I’m now committed to Cāru for life! Now, can we talk about a giant body size?! I’m completely obsessed!

    Lindsey L. | Founder, Wellevation | Los Angeles

  • I consider myself to be a bit of a face oil connoisseur and the Cāru Pitta blend is straight magic. By far the best oil I've ever used for my skin type. It absorbs beautifully and my face feels nourished and glow-ee all day.The formulations are spot on. I love everything about this oil. Thank you, Cāru!

    Heather S. | Founder, Radiate Brand Strategy | Laguna Niguel

  • I'm OBSESSED with Caru. First of all, I never thought I would spend $100+ on any facial products but once I received the sample, my skin was in heaven. My dosha is Pitta, so I tend to have dry skin and issues with redness. smoothed out my skin and gave it the moisture that was missing in the 10000000 other products I have tried that were all probably poisonous anyways. I'm so happy with my skin!

    Alex B.| Founder Get Sh*t Done | New York

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