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Sanskrit meaning one who is radiant and graceful.

Cāru: /CHAH-roo/ meaning one who is radiant and graceful. Use Cāru organic face oil as part of your dinacharya (daily self-care routine) to create a youthful, balanced physical glow and poised mental state. Real self-care includes nourishment, compassion, and balance for all aspects of you: your physical, mental and emotional self.

Your Balanced Beauty Routine. Inside & Out.

Each organic face oil blend is created based on an individual’s Ayurvedic dosha.  The three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha -  are derived from the five elements of air, space, fire, water and earth. Known as mind-body types, the doshas express unique blends of physical emotional and mental characteristics. The three signature scents are created with dosha-specific essential oils to balance the mind, and the oils are blended for specific skin type that we’d expect for your dosha. 

Formulated without nut oils, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, PEGs and SLSs.

Made with organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

Find yourself. Which blend is right for you?

VATA (Air & Space)

Vata Personality

Vata personalities embody the elements of space and air, and like air, they are always on the go, prefer adventure to routine, and are often quite intuitive. When out of balance, Vatas feel fatigued, spacey, sensitive and ungrounded, or they may worry too much. At their best, Vatas are bold artisans - friendly, open-minded and in constant motion.   

Vata Skin Type

This skin type needs nurturing and protection on account of its delicate nature. Vata skin is the most at risk for the early signs of aging due to their dry skin that tends to dehydrate. Cool to touch and often thin, this type of skin can be worse for wear in times of stress. Vatas require a warm, grounding oil with deep hydration that immediately penetrates and then seals skin with a protective barrier to restore skin’s radiance.  

KAPHA DOSHA (Earth & Water)

Kapha Personality

Kaphas are ruled by the elements earth and water and are grounded with a calm, loyal, patient nature and an inherent ability to enjoy life. When out of balance, Kapha manifests as resistance to change and stubbornness: you hold onto things (literal and figurative) long past their expiration date. At their best, a Kapha—which literally translates to “that which holds things together” known for strength, authenticity and supportiveness. You may have challenges with your own self-care because you put the needs of others before your own. You must be cautious to not give all of yourself away.

Kapha Skin Type

Prone to slight oiliness, visible pores, or hormonal breakouts, Kapha skin requires a lightweight and detoxifying oil to balance the skin's PH and revitalize their healthy glow.

PITTA DOSHA (Fire & Water)

Pitta Personality

Pittas are ruled by the element of fire, have a blazing, high-energy personality, an entrepreneurial streak, and a sharp, quick witted intellect. When out of balance, Pittas tend towards hot tempers and irritability. At their best, Pittas are known for transformations that manifest in both body and mind.

Pitta Skin Type

Combination skin is common with Pittas, and the fire element may manifest as a sensitive, rosy complexion. Pittas are no stranger to inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and eczema when stressful emotions and situations arise. Pitta blend will calm and add hydration at the same time to revive the skin’s dewy and even complexion.

More Than Just a Pretty Face. See What Our Clients Have to Say.


A solution for beautifully nourished skin, I am elated to have found this product! Not only am I glowing, but I don’t have to worry about exposing myself to harsh chemicals or pollutants found in the majority of skincare and makeup lines. An incredible asset to my daily routine!

Amera Jean, Marketing Consultant & Wellness Architect, Los Angeles

I consider myself to be a bit of a face oil connoisseur and the Cāru Pitta blend is straight magic. By far the best oil I've every used for my skin type. It absorbs beautifully and my face feels nourished and glow-ee all day.The formulations are spot on. I love everything about this oil. Thank you, Cāru!

Heather Schumacher. Founder, Radiate Brand Strategy, Laguna Niguel

Because I have acne prone skin I am very particular about the products I use on my face. I've been using Cāru Kapha serum twice a week overnight and it has brought back healthy moisture and shine back to face. With ZERO breakouts! Plus it smells so good that I use it in my beard and hair as a lightweight hair oil.

Jody Martinez, Founder, Mayfair Apothecary, Denver

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